Friday, August 28, 2009

Between us Designers...

Interiors are surely inspired by fashion, so we felt a field trip was definitely in order to see today's release of The September Issue, an alluring all-access look at the collaborations and tribulations of introducing Vogue's most important issue. Creating, preparing and launching the influential publication is similar to designing a room - it can't be judged until the sum of it's parts are brought together for a striking and hopefully chic culmination.

To feed the style mavens inside us ALL, here are some images of collections by fashion houses made espcially for models under 3.5 feet tall.

(Top to bottom: Kid by Phillip Lim, Dolce & Gabbana Junior, Burberry)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Modern Fairytale...

Jonathan Adler has added some interesting characters to his quirky Utopia pottery collection. Coupled-up figures such as Captain/Stewardess, King/Queen, Boy/Girl look as if they were children's storybook illustrations that have literally marched right off the page. We would love to see the King & Queen vases be regally displayed in a modern nursery similar to the one below found on Better Homes & Gardens website as book ends, with the Lord and Lady mugs also holding court on a shelf or sidetable as vases or catch-alls. All hail imagination & creativity!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Over their heads...

If you enjoyed our last post on fabricing walls and want to take this project to the next level, we suggest an elegant canopy to match. A very easy way to acheive the designer look above is to use two well designed, tailored bedskirts (we loved the toile below from Pottery Barn); using one in the typical fashion and attaching the other directly above. When affixing the second skirt to the ceiling a nail or tack with a finished or decorative head (i.e. nail head trim) work best. Top off your well-dressed, sleeping beauty-esque space with sheer flowy side panels (pre-made) hung on curtain rods fitted inside the canopy. Their drop should be from ceiling to floor for a feeling of a true boudoir that your little one might finally want to sleep in! ZZZZzzzzzz

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walls today Chairs tomorrow...

When fabricing walls, one has the option of taking a bold stance in terms of pattern (like some of our inspirations above by Steven Gambrel & Jonathan Adler respectively), but not to worry! What everyone might not realize is that when you are tired of looking at that chinoiserie you were once so fond of, it can easily be taken down, washed and returned to good-as-new fabric to be used for anything on your project list (lightweight materials such as cottons, ginghams, & chintzes work best). It is a great solution for anyone not staying in the same place for too long as it makes little or no imprint on walls and you can roll it up and move on when you're ready. Oh yea, did we mention the sound-reducing characteristics of fabriced walls?... perfect for small people with BIG voices!

For instant style with reusable possibilites follow these easy steps to try this technique in your own home:

You will need:
  • Starch OR Craft Stiffener
  • Fabric
  • Paint roller & Pan

Get Started:
  1. Wash the wall to remove any dirt or ick.
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling and adding a few extra inches.
    Cut the fabric according to your measurements. Be sure to line up any design/seams before cutting the next panel similar to using wallpaper.
  3. Pour starch into a pan and apply to the top half of the wall with paint roller.
  4. Smooth fabric into place at the top of the wall, leaving about one inch to be trimmed later. Use push pins to hold the fabric temporarily in place.
  5. Apply more starch going down the wall as needed until you get to the floor, leaving about an inch overlap at the baseboard.
  6. Apply starch to the top of the fabric, brushing and smoothing the fabric in place to remove bubbles and wrinkles. Be sure the starch penetrates the fabric evenly.
  7. Position the second panel to match the design along the edge. Repeat steps.
  8. Around windows and doors, leave a one inch overlap as with the ceiling and floor.
  9. Fabric overlap should be cut when the fabric is completely dry. It will then cut clean and easily and any shrinkage will have occurred before you trim.

When you are ready for a Change:

Peel one corner loose, then gently begin to peel the fabric off of the wall panel by panel. If the fabric does not peel easily, dampen the fabric with water using a wet sponge and it should come right off.

*based on instructions from

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Home Sweet Hollywood...

If you've been flipping through the channels lately, you most likely have caught part of the what seems like an endless marathon of Tori Spelling & her fast-growing family's reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Multiple shows have revolved around their multiple moves, renovations & re-decorations (amongst other drama!). We wanted a closer look at the adorable (almost over the top) nurseries of her little "Monkey" & "Buggy" as they are lovingly referred to on the show. Her daughter Stella's eye-popping pink motif was styled for a "vintage boudoir Parisian girlie chic" feel and her son Liam's room is full of earthy-pop animal detailing. These designs exude a fun, young and hip ambiance which fits this family to a tee. We will definitely be tuning in next season to see how much these tykes have grown and how their digs are revamped for the next stages in life!

Feeling inspired to spruce up your little hipster's pad? We found some of the fixtures that make these spaces swoon-worthy to say the least...
Nurseryworks Aerial Crib - available at

Oeuf Mini-Library available at

Luca Glider & Ottoman (in custom fabric) available at

Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker available at

Jonathan Adler Zebra rug available at

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feed their Minds...

Part of our mission statement is hunting, gathering and bundling all things creative and cool, and this definitely encompasses the the wonderful world of food! Eating at restaurants as well as cooking at home for children has evolved over the years; case in point, the many strollers parked outside trendy eateries in neighborhoods everywhere. Exposing children to creativity, adventure and inventiveness is a passion we share with authors Hugh Garvey and Matthew Yeomans of the newly released Gastrokid cookbook. Their collection of recipes provide speedy, simple renditions of foodie favorites that are kid-tested, healthful, organic and sustainable. Their own families were the lucky test audience for recipes such as: Grilled Corn Salad, Cauliflower Puree, Tuscan Steak for Toddlers and our favorite: Gnudi (inspired by a bundle favorite, The Spotted Pig restaurant in NYC). Get this great book and check out their website: for updates on what they've been whipping up for their little ones in the meantime!

We also believe in expanding kid's tastebuds by incorporating multiple variations of everyday items into meals and talking about their differences (i.e. types of cheeses, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.). This month's Bon Appetit listed some interesting Root Beers from all over the country. Apparently Root Beer is cool again, hooray! Someone please invite us to a BYO - Root Beer tasting party pronto!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Now Playing...

Debuting this weekend is the highly anticipated movie, Julie & Julia, intertwining two great memoirs on some very strong women. One of these best-sellers started simply as a goal-oriented blog project with a curiosity of food posted during a young woman's crossroad in life. This movie gives accolades to the power of blogging - sharing passions, pains and everything in between with the world.

We have loved getting our business up and running while blogging about the amazing finds we come across during our design research. It's very exciting (& overwhelming) to think about the hard work ahead and what exactly this venture will evolve into; in the meantime we can admire some fellow bloggers who give us hope! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the delightful blogs below and check back in with us for soon-to-be announced updates on some new services from bundle design co.!

Habitually Chic:

The Peak of Chic:

Style Court:

Coco + Kelley:

High-Heeled Foot in the Door:

This is just a start to the many great design blogs out there... Let us know what else we should be reading so we can add to our hit-list!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The more the merrier...

A perfect post for a summer day in August during the height of vacation home getaways packed with friends and relatives. This genius space saving design turns any nook into a fun sleepover space - ready for little ones and big ones alike! Made possible by the expert's at Resource Furniture, this wall bunk bed system includes a completely integrated ladder which also functions as a bed support and a safety rail for the top bunk. A customized fold away desk can also be attached to the outside of the lower bunk. Check out their website for amazing small space solutions; we can't wait to use these pieces in future custom design projects!