Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School, Shopping...

Ralph Lauren Kids' newest shopping experience is an interactive tale about the adventures of heading back to school. Narrated by the always thoughtful & inspiring, Harry Connick, Jr. readers are able to shop straight from the wardrobes of the adorable characters. Which one does your child most relate to?

Friday, August 13, 2010

She's got the look...

We believe Betsey Johnson was the perfect pick to design the pink palace that is the Eloise suite at The newly re-opened Plaza Hotel. The landmark might not know what hit 'em as the room is decked out in signature Betsey items - multiple pink floral prints, zebra carpeting & of course a neon sign that reads, "Eloise" over the lush bed. Most little girls can only dream as a night does not come cheap, although they do throw in a monogramed bathrobe, giftcard to the Eloise shop & a framed picture taken inside the suite. Betsey (who is a grandmother!)& her "never grow up" asthetic makes a perfect partnership for this fun project. Can you imagine having her as your grandmother?! Enjoy the shots below of the sutie & check out Stroller Traffic's fun Q&A with the cart-wheeling creative, herself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sheets of Zzzzsss....

What is it about great sheets that can lull us into the sleeps of our lives?! We are firm believers a great set doesn't come in a bag all together but are pieced together after much research & testing. And if the same should go for our little one's, then let your research start with Matteo's newest collection for Bambino. Here's a peek at their line made from natural materials in simple, classic constructions. We are especially excited about the gorgeous crib skirts and if you are like us & don't have a grandmother who can hand crochet delicate detailing such as these, then heirloom quality is only a few clicks away.