Friday, May 21, 2010

Spelling out the weekend...

We are so excited for the upcoming holiday... some reading, eating & games with friends by the beach are definitely in our future. Wishing all a safe memorial day weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost & Found...

We are working on a new nursery project and were thrilled when our inspiration for the entire room's set-up sprung from a vintage treasure we rescued from an antique store. The traditional lines mimic our design plan perfectly and it reminded us of how great it feels to bring something old into a new space. Check out this amazing bed frame & headboard made from architectural salvage... inspiring us to always borrow from year's past while creating spaces for the present.

Just a reminder that bundle design co. is available to create a custom design concept for kiddie spaces anywhere! We'll create a plan, pick pieces within your budget & lay it all out on a Mood board with Shopping Guide. With most items available online, you can purchase & set-up at your convenience. See our other services on the menu to the left.

Psst... Mood Boards make great gifts for any Mom-to-be!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you watching?...

We are devouring every glimpse of interiors on Bravo's newest show, 9 by Design, which chronicles the life & work of Sixx Design's Robert & Cortney Novogratz. The New York based team are the parents to 7 children (yes 7!!); running their business & raising their family in busy Manhattan. They take on very courageous projects and their results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. We've noticed a few "go-to" items that help give their rooms that "Sixx" edge...
  1. Antique or vintage light fixtures - and we mean WOW fixtures.
  2. High-end art next to refurbished thrift furniture.
  3. Statement rugs.
  4. Enhanced family photos - blown-up poster size, tiled into wallpaper, or digitally antiqued to create a gorgeous, aged looking picture wall.

Check out the show & look for these elements in the shots below!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Our Sunday usually starts out with coffee & a quick browse through one of the many Housing Works Thrift Stores in NYC. Whether client shopping, gathering inspiration on our next bundle or looking for a little something for ourselves - this is the BEST place to look for the unexpected. The clothing, shoes, furniture, housewares & artwork in their store or online shop have been donated by locals, designers & collectors for a very good cause (read more on their services here), so there is definitely NO buyer's remorse.

Last week was their benefit of all benefits, called Design on a Dime, which gave 50 of the city's top interior designers the chance to scour the Housing Works Warehouse & create room vignettes where all items would be for sale to the public. While browsing through this year's displays we were astounded by the talent and use of materials! Of course we love to find creative touches that can translate to family living and kid-friendly DIY... Well, we found it!
Designer Asler Valero got busy with a package of paper plates & a stapler to create this unusual light fixture. Paper plate projects are reminiscent of the fun, crafty learning we all did in Kindergarten. Need a cool focal point for a room or a centerpiece for a party?... you might not need to look much further than aisle 7 at your local grocery.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing Mom. Thank you for everything you have done to support my every dream in life and making me feel special on all my DAYS. One of my oldest & most special memories with you is going to the store each year as my birthday approached to pick out MY cake! We'd pour over the bakery's picture filled menu and the final selection (Tea Party, Barbie, Outdoor) would be the inspiration for some very creative parties.

Thank you always & enjoy this day - it's very deservedly all about YOU!

Find out how to make these & 50 other adorable (& surprisingly easy!) cakes on

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take away...

Mother's Day is right around the corner & we are already getting sentimental! Apparently so are some of our Mommy clients who have mentioned to us numerous times that it was a very sad day when they had to cover up their much loved nursery murals to prepare for a move or finally give-in to a "growing up" redo. Unfortunately, there's no way to stop kiddos from growing but we spotted this creative way to keep murals in the family & ready to pass on to future generations. An antique or flea market headboard & footboard can be the perfect canvas for an artist or talented relative to create whimsical scenes such as this captivating treasure map, ready to enlighten and amuse little imaginations before bedtime. When the day finally comes, these pieces can be easily disconnected from a standard bedframe & stored away for safe keeping.

Photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens