Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you watching?...

We are devouring every glimpse of interiors on Bravo's newest show, 9 by Design, which chronicles the life & work of Sixx Design's Robert & Cortney Novogratz. The New York based team are the parents to 7 children (yes 7!!); running their business & raising their family in busy Manhattan. They take on very courageous projects and their results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. We've noticed a few "go-to" items that help give their rooms that "Sixx" edge...
  1. Antique or vintage light fixtures - and we mean WOW fixtures.
  2. High-end art next to refurbished thrift furniture.
  3. Statement rugs.
  4. Enhanced family photos - blown-up poster size, tiled into wallpaper, or digitally antiqued to create a gorgeous, aged looking picture wall.

Check out the show & look for these elements in the shots below!

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