Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Artist's Palette...

Better Homes & Gardens has wonderful online photo galleries we click through daily to our hearts content. This image of a great contemporary kitchen was just waiting to be uncovered and has a stylish palette that could truly be the start to our next big project (which we should be able to announce in the next 3 months! - exciting!).

The typical contemporary black & white is warmed up with the addition of a periwinkle blue/olive pattern next to accents of gray and light wood tones and is a great palette for a unisex room. The cherry on top isn't cherry at all - it's orange! The energizing pop of orange on the stand mixer gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce some must-have orange accessories by a company we've been admiring lately. Pkolino designs children's products with top of the line functionality supporting a child's natural development while maintaining interesting and engaging style that kid's reach for as well as design-conscious parents. Enjoy their handy work below!

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