Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Empty Nesters...

Did you see the most recent New York Times Style Magazine? It's theme, "Just My Size - Design that Bridges the Generation Gap" was a nod to high-end, mostly modern design relating to children. One of the most interesting articles was called "Empty Nest Syndrome" about kids growing up in uber-minimalist designed homes - uber to the extent that one teen was only allowed to have a pencil holder and tissue box on her desk. Very little of the kids interviewed objected to this way of living; one quoted as saying, "No other house anywhere had 100 feet of pure sock-sliding potential," and another agreeing that "... the longer you stare at the white walls, the more worlds and ideas are revealed."

Whether we agree or not, it's an interesting concept that these stark environments actually stimulate imaginations, creativity during play and spur self-expression in other areas such as dress.

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  1. wow!! so interesting! Guess a little minimalizing couldn't hurt :)