Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seasons change, Styles change...

It's hard to imagine during this very chilly time of year that warmth will soon be back with Spring! Just like the Seasons, styles have a way of revisiting us in new & refreshed forms. We've whole-heartedly welcomed back wallpaper and all of it's innovative and funky reincarnations. While buried in a pile of presents needing wrapping we realized just like wallpaper swathes a room in a certain tone, gift wrap does the same depending on the color, style and texture of a pattern.

As we all prepare for a festive holiday season with our loved ones, we'd like to share this hip headboard made using wallpaper! Spotted on Ohdeedoh.com, this project can easily be changed with your mood or the season. Recently, we were ecstatic to uncover stacks & stacks of vintage hand printed wallpapers in one of our favorite home design stores. Check back with us in the New Year to see what we snagged and the adorable bundle we built around the beautifully crafted print.

Merry, Merry, Happy Happy from bundle design co.

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