Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where you'd least expect it...

We've been consulting with a client about custom built-ins in their family room and discovered how easy it is to get lost in the possibilities. Custom built-ins can acheive maximum storage results since you have the ability to assign a specific task to every nook & cranny. The room below perfectly demonstrates how a commonly wasted space can be transformed into a functional retreat for your family. Steep slopping ceiling? Problem solved!

courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

Another genius storage item that recently caught our eye is the Modern-Twist Pocket Pillow. "Inspired by a Japanese anemone box (which is traditionally used to ho family heirlooms), this handmade Pocket Pillow is a contemporary home accessory with a purpose. From afar it looks like a simple pillow, but a closer look and a tist of the lid reveals your secret stash". Available in fun patterns with an abstract elephant or modern squirrel motif, perfect for little ones; plus the clever, interactive design might entice them to stash clutter around their room!

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