Thursday, June 17, 2010

Global Glossy...

Our apologies for infrequent posting lately. We are packing our bags for a whirlwind trip overseas and promise to return with insight on new design, color trends and tons of pictures. The bright side to long flights and cramped airports is most definitely the international magazines. With interesting perspectives, insights and unfamiliar styling, these publications rarely disappoint. We've kept this Australian copy of Mindfood among our most cherished archived magazines. Enjoy their recipe for Pregnancy Trail Mix!

Pregnancy Trail Mix
Makes 4 cups

100g almonds
50g walnuts
50g pecans
50g sunflower seeds
100g raisins
100g dried cranberries
50g Carob rice cakes, roughly chopped

Cook nuts and sunflower seeds in a frying pan over medium heat until golden. Place all ingredients in a bowl & mix to combine.

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